ROSE Supply

ROSE Supply is a Mainnet faucet for the Oasis EVM ParaTimes.

You may request tokens from this faucet once every 24 hours.

Preserve this service by sending ROSE to the faucet contract


If you need to pay gas fees but are out of ROSE, you can request some from this faucet. It will give you enough to pay for one token transfer, which you should use to acquire more ROSE.

If the faucet helped you in your time of need, please donate some ROSE to the faucet contract. Your donation will improve the strength and security of the Sapphire community.


This service does not store identifying information like IP address, but your ISP, your browser extensions, Cloudflare, GCP, hCaptcha, or the Sapphire Web3 gateway might. This list is non-exhaustive.

This service must post your wallet address to a public ledger where it may be easily linked with any exposed identifying information.


The faucet is a contract controlled by an off-chain agent. The contract holds all of the funds, but the agent decides who to award them to.

Although the agent must be trusted to enqueue requests, it cannot deplete the donation pool because the maximum payout is capped and the number of payouts per day is also capped. The worst that can happen is the payout caps getting set to zero or the agent disappearing, but there's not much incentive for either of those things.

Terms of Use

May you do good and not evil.

May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.

May you share freely, never taking more than you give.